Majors visit Challenger Baseball Senior Team

On Tuesday, June 4th, members of the London Majors visited the Challenger Baseball Senior team at their practice. Roop Chanderdat, Jaryd Lund, Tommy Reyes Cruz, Kaiden Cardoso, and Champ Garner were all in attendance cheering on the athletes while also making sure everyone had a great time playing the game of baseball.

ABOUT CHALLENGER BASEBALL: Challenger Baseball is a sport for players with disabilities. Participation in our league can provide players the opportunity to develop and/or improve endurance, coordination, and skills such as sportsmanship and fair-play, at recreational or competitive levels of involvement. Individuals develop a sense of belonging and build lasting friendships. The main activity of our league involves a fun and modified program designed to help all players succeed. Buddies may assist players during the game, however, the priority of the buddies is to encourage the player to participate to the maximum of their ability. Baseball rules are adapted as required to match players’ abilities so that participation and teamwork are emphasized.