Majors Broadcasters pick their Team of the Decade

With winter here, and 2019 and the decade coming to an end, the London Majors broadcast crew of Noah Smith & Dylan Baker decided to show you their picks for a “Team of the Decade”. The players picked wore the pinstripes for at least 1 full season, excelled on the field while being a favourite among the fans. Besides that, there are no statistical criteria for these picks, and the boys hope you enjoy the read. Feel free to share your thoughts on the picks and if there is anyone you would have added! Happy New Year!


Mike Ambrose – C/IF     2014-2019

A career .300 hitter, Ambrose quickly rose to the starting catcher position, and his ability to play multiple positions on the diamond has helped the Majors in big ways.

Keith Kandel – IF     2016-2018

Keith began is IBL career in Kitchener with the Panthers, but became a staple up the middle when he joined the Majors in 2016. His speed made him a good top of the order hitter, and he collected over 100 hits in his Majors' career.

Paul Lytwynec – IF     2010-2015

The London born shortstop played 6 seasons for his hometown team, collecting 199 total hits and 75 RBI while hitting for an average of .286. Paul also played for Western and Fanshawe, where he is now an assistant coach.

Chris McQueen – IF     2015-2018

Chris was a fantastic offensive infielder during his time with the Majors. His ability to play almost anywhere came up huge for the Majors, and he hit .328 in 4 seasons with the club. In 2016, McQueen hit .362 with 21 steals. He had 80 steals in his career.

Paul Young – IF     2013-2014

Young’s time as a Major was short, but he was very impactful. He was a force to be reckoned with at the plate, including 58 hits, .372 AVG season in 2013, where he drove in 30 runs. Paul hit .363 in his two seasons in London.

Alan Cattrysse – OF     2010-2012

Alan played for 3 seasons at the beginning of the decade and hit .314 over those years, including an impressive 2011 when he hit .419. He also hit 29 doubles and 55 RBI and won the IBL Batting Title.

Ryan Lapensee – OF     2013-2014

While Ryan only played 2 full seasons in the Forest City, they were 2 very impressive years. He hit .403 in 82 total games, with 9 HR, 85 RBI and stealing 35 bases. Lapensee led the IBL hitting .429 in 2013.


Byron Reichstein – OF     2012-2019

Another long-time Major and local talent, Byron played 8 years in London roaming the outfield and swinging from the left-hand batters box. He hit an impressive .324 over that time, with 35 HR and 204 RBI. Reichstein amassed almost 1000 at-bats for the Majors.

Humberto Ruiz – OF     2014-2017

Ruiz’ speed and contact abilities are what help get him on this list. In 4 seasons in the pinstripes, the native of Cuba had over 100 hits. His best season was 2016, when he hit .303, and stole 20 bases.

Cleveland Brownlee – DH     2010-2019

Cleveland has worn the pinstripes for the entire decade and is easily the most recognizable member of the club over the last 10 years. Brownlee slugged over 100 homeruns and 400 RBI, all while hitting .302 during his Majors career. Named an IBL Top 100 Player.

Juliandry Higuera – SP     2019

Although Higuera joined the Majors just last season, he gets on this list due to his ability to strike guys out. Higuera joined the team two and a half weeks into the season, yet still struck out 97 batters in 2019. The next highest by a major in this decade was Starlin Peralta a year earlier, with 85.

Cory Hammond – SP     2012-2018

Hammonds long tenure and dominant numbers in many seasons is what got him on this list. He pitched in parts of 7 seasons with the club, hurling over 290 innings over 45 starts. In 2016, he went 5-1 with a 1.84 ERA in 8 starts.

Owen Boon – SP     2014-2016, 2018-2019

Boon pitched in 5 seasons with his hometown club, starting primarily as a relieving before becoming more of a starter. He pitched 214 innings for the Majors and was just 1 strikeout shy of 200. In 2016, he was 5-1, with a 2.48 ERA in 7 starts.

Aaron Boag – RP     2010

Aaron played for the Majors in 2010 and during the regular season was almost untouchable out of the bullpen. In 32 IP, he had an ERA of 0.28, with a record of 3-0. It remains one of the best seasons for a reliever in the decade.

Jon Fitzsimmons – RP     2019

Pitching in high leverage situations and keeping an ERA of 0.00 is super impressive, and that’s what Fitzsimmons did in the 2019 regular season. In 21.1 IP this past season, he also had 34 strikeouts to go along with it.

Braeden Ferrington – RP     2014-2019

If Cleveland Brownlee was the most recognizable hitter this decade, the Ferrington would be the most family face in the Majors bullpen. He played in 6 seasons with the club, throwing over 100 innings, and amassing 91 strikeouts.

Honourable Mentions:

Josh Palmer – P : 2010-2014

Starlin Peralta – P : 2018

Elis Jiminez – P: 2016

RJ Fuhr – OF : 2017,2018

Carlos Arteaga – IF : 2016-2019

Brett Sabourin – IF : 2013-2017

Derrik Strzalkowski – C : 2011-2014