In Game Hosts Memories Issue 1

With this upcoming season, we will have Classic Rock 98.1’s Ryan Valdron on the mic and he has already shared some great memories of him being at Labatt Park with the London Tigers while he was growing up. So we wanted to hear what other in-game host favourite Majors memories. From Matt Weaver to Eric Collins to Lynzee Barnett. Some memories have a lot to them, some only need a few sentences to remind you of the great times we have had and we have all been lucky to have them involved in our organization. 

With today being International Women's day we want to highlight one of the amazing women to work for us in the past in our first issue of this new series. As we read in this memory, Lynzee didn’t start as a Londoner. Coming to London because of school and we can truly say we are glad she didn’t leave. Before becoming our in-game host there were multiple Friday nights you could find Lynzee down the first base side with her friends wearing her Majors hat enjoying the game. So you could say when we asked her about being the in-game host in 2019. She couldn’t say yes fast enough. We can truly say we are happy she will be a fan for life!

"When I was asked to write about my favourite memory or memories from my time with the London Majors, I first thought ‘where do I even begin’?

When I moved to London in 2010 for college it didn’t take long before a College prof went over important things that London had to offer. Aside from ensuring we knew how to pronounce the “Thames River” correctly, Labatt Memorial park was also highlighted. It wasn’t long before I was drawn to the stunning diamond in the heart of the city to catch my first Majors game. 

The fans are unlike any other, knowing the history of the players, cheering them on and maintaining their usual seats in the stands. You could tell that walking into the park meant joining an extremely fun and passionate family surrounding this team. Fast forward almost a decade after countless Friday nights spent in the grandstands, and I had the honour of being asked to be the in-game host. “Me? Are you sure?!” It was a quick yes. Getting to spend Friday nights and Sunday afternoons with a group of people so dedicated and passionate was a privilege and something I looked forward to every week. 

The energy from the fans and seeing the excitement on future ball player’s faces while getting to run the bases or coming onto the field to play a game with me was incredible. It was also amazing watching the guys on the team interact not only with each other but also with the kids who idolize them. 

Labatt Park and the London Majors are a staple in this city and something everyone needs to experience. I don’t have just one favourite memory because nights spent at the park produced too many incredible memories and helped aid in my calling London my home. I’ve made it a point to wear my Majors hat in over 20 countries that I’ve travelled to ensuring to always bring a piece of home with me, no matter how far I stray. I’ve missed the team and the park more than I can say, but look forward to hot summer nights filled with the sound of the crack of the bat and a bag of spits as soon as it’s safe to do so."