In Game Host Memories Episode #4

Al has been in a few different positions with the Majors from being our in-game host as well as he has helped up in the press box doing announcing for lineups and at-bats. But no matter what position he is in he always has been able to make it a fun time on the mic, the laughs when it is him and Eric Collins working together on the mics or getting involved in the games (especially when everyone falls during dizzy bats)

Al's first game

"My favourite memory of Labatt Park was my first time sitting in the booth for Eric Collins. Nobody knew how Eric set anything up! We fumbled around trying to find equipment and figure out how on earth it plugged in and where it plugged in to. When we finally did get things up and running, I cued a singer for Oh Canada...but there was no singer. I also didn't have a forecast, so had to make that up as well. In the end, the players fined me a5-bucks for not playing the walk-up music in the right order, cancelling the National Anthems, and forgetting to turn my mic off twice. But I got a free hot dog and a really cool experience. I have always felt honoured that the Majors have let me come back (although, always to do on-field mic work...never back up in the booth for some reason...)"

Overall it sounds like Al loves it when he can get everything working but also does not envy Eric and all the hard work he does prior to and during the games. We can not wait to have them both back this season. 

Eric Collins & Al prior to a game they both worked