In Game Host Memories Episode 3

One thing with the Majors we try to make sure we portray is family, whether that's the family on the field, the staff, or the families spending time together in the stands and Jay capitalized on that in his memory. He will always be a part of our Majors family, just like every one of our fans are. 

"My love affair with baseball goes back to my days as a kid; playing catch in the backyard with Dad and killing time on whatever diamond in our small town was open. Growing up smack dab between London and Detroit, I remember the affiliation between the Tigers in the Motor City and the Tigers in the Forest City. While I never had the chance to see the Tigers play at Labatt Park, a few years ago (shortly after moving to London) I was sure to pick up an old-english “L” cap to rep my new home & in a bit of an homage to affiliates past.

It took a little while to make it to my first Majors game since I wanted to be able to treat my Dad to a game. Call it returning the favour, since it was Dad who took me to my inaugural baseball experience at the OG Tiger Stadium.

There’s something to be said about the legacy of James Earl Jones’ monologue from ‘Field of Dreams’ because I can tell you every exact detail of that day. For starters: it was FREE because, as luck would have it- Father’s Day games at Labatt Park are! Dad & I still laugh that the best Father’s Day gift I’ll ever give him cost me nothing…I remind him it’s the thought that counts!

We sat along the first baseline, about 8 rows up & had a perfect view. Because tickets cost us nothing (and because they’re the best I’ve ever had) I “splurged” and we each downed a couple of dogs throughout the game, all the while (between bites) reflecting on past ballpark memories & just life in general.

It was a pretty incredible moment to share with my Dad and as I looked at the kids whipping their way around the bases between innings, I knew at that moment if the opportunity should present itself- I’d love to be a part of the Majors “team” as well as the rich history of Labatt Park. I can recall the pre-game jitters before I cracked the stadium microphone for the first time knowing that the memories I’d help create that night would prove lasting ones for the kids & parents in attendance. In a time where attending a game requires taking out a second mortgage and navigating 400 highway traffic, we are never more fortunate than NOW to have entertainment like Majors baseball “just around the corner” and while my tenure has come & gone, I’ll always consider myself a proud member of the team."