In Game Host Memories Episode 2

One of the funniest men in London and always was a blast when he was in with the Majors. Matt Weaver not only was hosting for the Majors but is the host of the afternoon program for Country 104 in London. We mentioned how some of these memories don't need much. But the way Matt wrote his out. If you close your eyes after reading it, you can picture both happening.

"Getting tossed out of a game by the umpire for questioning his strike call... on the ballpark microphone. Got fined by the league and everything "

"Every time was asked kids to run the bases between innings.  Inevitably, there was always a small child that was last to home plate.  Every time, without fail, the home plate umpire would yell “safe” and the entire crowd would cheer for the final kid to cross home plate, as we whisked them off the field to allow the game to continue."