2024 Majors Hall of Fame Induction

In 1934, 1935 and 1936  Alf played for the  London Winery team. In 1937  Alf played  for the London Silverwoods team and in 1938  Alf played for the London Seniors team. All of the above teams played in the Senior IBL.  In 1934, Alf White won the IBL batting title with a .465 batting average, was the MVP of the IBL and he also led the IBL in home runs. Alf White was a slick fielding second baseman, he could run like a deer, he could hit with power and maintained an impressive batting average that ranged between .329 and .465 from 1934 to 1938. 

Alf White is on the London Majors list of the best 32 London Majors of all time and In my own opinion Alf White should have been awarded a GOLD BAT in 2018 when the IBL chose the best 100 players in the IBL from 1919 to 2018. Alf White played on the 1936 London Winery team with Frank Colman when they won the IBL Championship and Alf also played on the 1937 Silverwoods that won the IBL CHampionship. 

Frank Colman will also be honored on Canada Day 2024 at Labatt Park. More to come on Frank Colman. Frank Colman - 1936 , 1937 in the IBl  and after returning from 14 years of professional baseball Frank managed the London Majors in 1954 , In 1955 Frank Colman and his brother Jack purchased the London Majors from Clare Van Horne and Bill Farquarson. The Colman  brothers owned the London Majors from 1955 to 1959 -then they sold the team to Chester Pegg in January of 1960. 

The London Majors won the IBL Championship in 1956 under the guidance of owners Frank and Jack Colman. 

In 1957 Frank and Jack Colman withdrew their team from the IBL to play in the Niagara District Baseball League.